Women GO Bike 1000
available now!

Devoted to the Goldie&Oldie tradi-tion, we've created a new model for women who value minimalism com-bined with functionality.

GO bike


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We've created the Women GO Bike
precisely for you!

You're unique and beautiful in any condi-tions.


The seat is made out of eco-leather; wide and comfortable. Cover long distances in maximum comfort.

Wooden mudguards

We’ve decided that all women’s bikes will be equipped with our mudguards. Solid wood and a warm brown color, complete the bike’s classical look.


The handles are made out of eco-leather, sewn with a brown thread; ended with black stoppers which prevent handlebar and handles from being scratched. The handles are soft and pleasant to the touch.

Large mirror

A large round mirror on a chrome stand, which position can be adjusted.


A golden, retro stye bicycle bell, with a traditional spring mechanism. Warning! Produces a loud sound.


We’ve used light aluminum rims – solid, made in Poland.


Zastosowaliśmy renomowane opony marki Schwalbe, sprawdzone w trudnych warunkach.


Przy wyborze pedałów kierowaliśmy się przede wszystkim komfortem. Zastosowaliśmy szerokie pedały z odblaskami.

Rozmiar i waga

Rozmiar: uniwersalny

Waga: ~14 kg

Additional information:

Shipment: up to 14 days

You can cancel the order at any moment. You have 14 days, from the date of receiving the bike, to do so!

The bicycle has a 12 month warranty.

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