W 010

bike rack

screwed to the wall

Description of the bike hanger

Bike hanger W 010 is a comfortable and elegant solution for storing your unique bike.  The hangers are produced of the highest quality materials: solid oak wood and steel. Everything is hand-crafted in our carpentry shops.

To install a hanger you need only a drill and a properly selected type of hanger (with pegs suitable for concrete or brick walls, depending on the surface you have). After drilling the hole you just need to gently screw the peg in the wall, until the wood touches the surface.

You can remove the hanger just as easily, by unscrewing it from the wall and put it in another place selected for your bicycle.

The distance between the spot on which the frame is hung (special drop-shaped gouge) and the wall is about 30 cm.

  • maximum load is 20 kg,
  • the hanger is compatible with the most of bike frames (single-speed bikes, fixed-gear bikes, city bikes, Dutch bikes),
  • maximum width of the handlebar is 55 cm.

This model has no gouge for the frame, it will be perfect for flat bar bikes.
It is compatible mostly with frames with flat bottom.

Technical parameters of the hanger:

Weight0.340 kg


Wall mounting

concrete, brick

Manual and warranty:



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Bike wooden rack W 010
Bike wooden rack W 010